Dr. Sproul’s Legacy
R.C. was privileged to serve the church in many capacities. His published works continue that service today.

Teacher, professor, pastor, author, husband, father, grandfather, friend, servant of God and His people—Dr. Robert Charles Sproul, better known to many simply as R.C., was all of these things and more. Having finished his race on earth, Dr. Sproul has gone on to his reward, and we now celebrate his legacy of faithful service to Christ and His church.

After his conversion during his freshman year in college, R.C. served Christ for more than sixty years. Never one to stand down when the gospel itself was at stake, R.C. tirelessly labored to defend the sufficiency of God’s grace alone for our salvation as well as the trustworthiness of the Word of God. Yet in all this, he remained the consummate happy warrior, his infectious humor and generous spirit on full display. His bold stand for the truth evidenced the confidence he had in the sovereignty of the Lord.

R.C. was a uniquely gifted communicator, and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand was evident throughout his teaching. God in His grace used him to awaken men and women around the world to the holiness of God, and his legacy is evident not only in the vast body of work he leaves behind but in the countless people whose understanding of God’s majestic character was deepened because they sat under his teaching.

As we reflect on R.C.’s life and legacy, we give glory to God for using R.C. to advance His kingdom on earth. We honor R.C. best by carrying on his mission to help as many people as possible understand the character of God and rest by faith alone in Jesus Christ.


Founder of
Ligonier Ministries

From the beginning, Dr. Sproul led Ligonier Ministries in helping Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it.

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Executive Editor of
Tabletalk Magazine

To help believers add more structure to their devotional life, Dr. Sproul developed Tabletalk magazine. His offerings in Tabletalk combined the best in biblical scholarship with down-to-earth writing to help readers understand the Bible, and apply its truth to their lives.

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Principal Teacher on
Renewing Your Mind

To reach more people with Dr. Sproul’s teaching, the Renewing Your Mind daily radio broadcast was launched in 1994. God has used this program to help millions of listeners grow in the knowledge of God and His truth.

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General Editor of the
Reformation Study Bible

For more than twenty years, Dr. Sproul led the development and revision of the Reformation Study Bible. The latest edition produced under his oversight contains new theological summaries and contributions from seventy-five distinguished pastors and scholars.

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Founding Pastor of
Saint Andrew’s Chapel

As founding pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, FL, Dr. Sproul led an independent congregation in the Reformed tradition that reflects historic and classical worship. Founded in 1997, Saint Andrew’s Chapel proclaims the Word of God through biblical exposition.

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First President of
Reformation Bible College

Noting a lack of biblical educational opportunities grounded in historic Reformed tradition, Dr. Sproul founded Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida. RBC helps students understand the Bible, and how to apply that knowledge in today’s world.

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